Re: Parking issues
From: Deborah Behrens (debbehAuto-trol.COM)
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 94 13:32 CDT
> Date: Wed, 27 Jul 94 12:48 CDT
> From: wight [at] (Nancy Wight)
> > Even tho we're not built yet, we've also recognized some parking problems 
> > of our own.  We're planning a variety of open spaces, 20' garages, and 
> > 22' garages.  Unfortunately, based on the contracts signed so far, we are
> > selling more 22' garages than we have room to build.  ...
> Just curious... how far do you have to walk to get to the garages?
> - Nancy

A hundred yards or so at the most, I think.  That was the reason that 
we had to rethink the garage allocation, so that some people didn't have a 
disproportionately long walk, while others lucked out and were right 
next to theirs.  We will however make legit exceptions, such as
for handicapped residents.  We'll make every effort to provide them the
shortest walk possible.  Bill Paiss's fond of saying something like 
"it's even worse than that... it can take 45 minutes and a homebrew 
beer to get from your car to your home."  
I think he paraphrased that from the CoHousing book, or somewhere.  

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