RE: Esalen cohousing workshop
From: mtracy (
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 94 15:12 CDT
>Jeff Papineau
has some questions on the Esalen <Getting It Built> workshop that he would 
like to see addressed on this forum.

>OK Mr. Tracy,
Please call me Martin.

>1) Did they mention any way to proceed, as far as getting people together? 
They mentioned holding an initial meeting with a slide show preceded by 
advertising in the local papers.  Better yet, have them come to the first 
meeting and give a presentation (for a small fee).

>I'm wondering how many people would be required for an average community,
The rough rule of thumb is twelve to forty households.  Recruitment happens 
constantly as less interested parties drop away.

>2) Did they have some type of guidelines as to how much space would be
>required for any given expected number of community members? Like
>1/4 acre per person, minimum, in a rural setting with gardening/agriculture
>as a prime focus?
No.  Twelve to twenty households on five acres is not unreasonable.

>3) What is the "gun collection issue" relating to conflict resolution. 
One member inherits a gun collection with a lot of sentimental memories.  
That member would like to display the collection in the common house and to 
teach the kids how to shoot.

>4) What about a vision statement and the bringing together like individuals
>with the same ideals? Was this characterized as very important, or what?
Oddly, it was not mentioned.  Personally, I feel a vision statement is 

>5) One last one; did they discuss the many types of ownership structures to
> be choosen from? (Corporations, trust funds, separate mortgages, etc?)
Almost all the discussion was on condominium type developments.  The bank 
must approve of what you are building or you won't get the money to build.

>PS - Do you have a contact phone or address for Kathryn McCamant or the 
>Cohousing Company?
(510) 549-9980

Hope this helps.
Martin Tracy          mtracy [at]          Los Angeles, CA

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