Re: Parking issues
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 94 00:19 CDT
Hi Nancy,

I am a member of the Highline Crossing Cohousing Community in Denver (actually
Littleton, a suburb on the south side of Denver).  I happend to notice your 
internet address (  I assume you work at the Waltham Division.  I 
work for HP in Denver as the production manager for a field service center.
(We fix test & measurement products and office PC's/peripherals).  

Just thought I'd make contact.  Don't know how many other HP-ites are involved
in co-housing.  

Highline Crossing has just started construction.  It is a 36 unit townhome/condo
development .  We expect to start move-in next spring.

Regarding parking, I noticed Debbie Behrens from Highline Crossing replied to 

Bye for now,

Rod Champney
rchampney [at]

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