Re: fundraising; recipes; games
From: Angie McGowan (
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 94 02:09 CDT
Hi everyone,
>3. Any ideas for games to play, or other things to do at meetings, 
>that improve community and our knowledge of each other?  
>We had a lot of fun playing '3 Truths and a Lie' at our picnic the other day.  
>We have a retreat coming up that we could use some ideas for.

I recommend the banana game as its very silly and provides an outlet for
any competitive urges that people are feeling while simultaneously
providing the opportunity to rub your knees together and improve your diet.
You divide into two teams, each in a line.  Each team has one banana each
and the first person in the line holds the banana between his/her knees. 
The idea is to pass the banana down the line and then the last person peels
the banana and then the team eat it.  The first team to finish wins.  Oh,
and the other rule is that you can't use your hands.
Have fun.

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