Re: How Do I Get Off this List?
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 94 07:47 CDT
On Fri, 29 Jul 94 16:06 CDT, 
poet [at]  <poet [at]> wrote:

>Though this is a fascinating list about a topic in which I have a lot
>of interest, it generates too much mail and I don't have the time to
>read it.  How can I unsubscribe - for now?


In order to signoff COHOUSING-L:

Send an email message to listserv [at]  with the
following one line command in the message body (no subject):


Note that your name is not required (or allowed) after the list name.

If your reason for unsubscribing is information overload (the most frequent
reason...) you may wish to consider one of two strategies other than just
droping your subscription:

Whatever you decide, thanks for being with us.


***** DIGEST MODE *****

Digest mode reduces mail from the list to one (long) message per day with a
distinctive subject line that makes it easy to keep track of (and delete :) )

Use the command:
   All messages for the day sent in one message.
   When users set their mail mode to "digest", they will receive postings from
the list only once a day, bundled as one message.  This is great for people who
are annoyed by a lot of messages or who only check there mail once a day.
(Includes 'noack' mode i.e. your message is not sent back to you)
   When replying to a message in a 'digest', please manually enter the
appropriate Subject/Thread -- otherwise your reply will have
the subject: "RE: COHOUSING-L digest ##"     which isn't very helpful.

***** GOPHER *****
An alternate way to read or browse the COHOUSING-L messages -- current
and archived -- is via Gopher.  If you have a gopher client try  
Gopher  Alternatively from the widely accessible
University of Minnesota "Other Gophers" menu here are 
the links to get to the Cohousing-L Archives Gopher:

Other Gophers and Information Servers (U of Minn)
 International Organizations
  Institute for Global Communications
   Progressive Gophers
    Economic Democracy Information Network
     Housing, Hunger & Welfare
      Cohousing Archives

   If you want to access the Cohousing-L Archives Gopher regularly,
you will want to set a "Gopher Bookmark" in your Gopher client which
greatly facilitates later access.  Check your Gopher client's help
for details.

   Note that at this time the Cohousing-L Gopher does not include a 
way to post messages.  To post to the list you will need to 
subscribe as above.  If you prefer to read messages via gopher 
you will probably wish to send the command:
so the messages are not sent by email.

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