Re: Community dinner economics
From: Lynn Warschauer (
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 94 18:49 CDT
On Tue, 2 Aug 94 11:51PDT,
Rob Sandelin  <cohousing-l [at]> wrote:

>We (Sharingwood) is looking for information about how groups charge for
>community dinner meals and do food purchasing?  Do you have a group
>account, do cooks buy the food and get reimbursed?  Does every one who
>eats pay each day, weekly or monthly and how much is charged?

>We are looking to change our current system and info of how other
>groups handle this would be helpful.

As an associate member of Sharingwood and a person very interested in 
the "community" aspects of sharing meals together, I wanted to ask the 
list for their ideas on the 'social economics' of the community dinner 
system and how it works for their community. Please accept my apologies 
for mailing all of you earlier today while attempting to discover how 
to post to the list!

With 'social economics' I mean how do you take into account varying 
levels of participation in planning, purchasing, cooking, cleaning up 
after community dinner, or perhaps doing none of the above, but 
choosing to dine with the community and pay for the dinner? Do meals 
cost more for people who do not contribute in other ways, is assuming 
some of the above responsibilities translated into lower cost, more 
"chits" or credits, or what are your experiences? We have discussed 
allowing people to contribute according to their schedules, 
capabilities, comfort level, but aren't sure how to balance this all 
out. What we are also questioning is whether it is 
feasible/reasonable/desirable to be able to come in, sit down to 
dinner, and be charged the same as the person who participated in 
additional ways to keep community dinner a reality. How could there be 
an added plus in working toward the dinner, and what are ways people 
could help who don't want to be involved in a very large way? Are alot 
of people in your communities interested in community dinner, or is it 
a low priority for some?

Thanks for this list, I enjoy hearing from and about your groups 
throughout the world!

Lynn Warschauer

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