Re: mutual housing
From: Stephen Hawthorne (
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 94 07:13 CDT

On Tue, 2 Aug 1994, Deborah Behrens wrote:

> have any of the cohousing groups had any interaction with Mutual Housing
> Associations?  It seems to be intentional community for those who can't
> afford to buy a home.  It's set up by an external non-profit agency,
> the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, but provides for community 
> self determination.  In the Denver area, it's fairly new.
> Was wondering whether any groups had been able to work with the NRC to get
> more affordable CoHousing groups?

I haven't heard of NRC but will start tracking them down immediately.
Blue Heron is committed to affordability, and trying to set up some 
mechanism to discourage purchase for speculation and to prevent 
gentrification while allowing members who are obliged to leave a way
of being able to get into the housing market elsewhere.

We are currently considering issuing three kinds of shares (we are
a coop): lowcost housing shares, mid-range housing shares, market housing
shares.  The lower two would have limited equity, the last would be free to
float on the real estate market.

The NRC spunds like it might be very helpful in putting this 

Thanks, I'll let you know.

Stephen Hawthorne
Blue Heron Farm
Chatham County, NC

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