Re: legal docs and meal economics
From: Hungerford, David (
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 94 16:56 CDT
Debbie Behrens wrote:

>for those that are on the cohousing-l, maybe the docs
> could be online somewhere???

Good idea.  But, I don't believe I've seen anything but a hard copy.  I'll 
check.  A question for the net-knowledgeable, are there problems with 
transmitting 90-page documents? I had a colleague moan later when I mailed 
him a 20 page paper.  Turns out he was at home, using long distance, and a 
2400 baud connection (rural phone lines), when he accessed the campus 
computer to get his mail.  It apparently took awhile and cost some money.
and on the meals economics (social and monetary) topic:

meals committee participation is part of our normal committee participation 
requirement (everybody is on at least one committee and one "landscape 

we keep a food allergy/sensitivity chart (grid of who's sensitive to what)
on the wall in the kitchen.  the major categories 
(wheat,dairy,soy,tomatoes,garlic,raw onions,bell peppers,eggs) are listed in 
a "this meal contains" section on our meals sigh-up sheets.  Cooks simply 
circle the ingredients the meal contains.  By the way, between this and the 
chart, people are very considerate of food sensitivities and attempt to 
include as many people as possible when they cook.  We almost always have a 
veggie/allergy free alternative, but most of the meals, since we added this, 
have been edible by almost everyone.  We've been joking that we should 
add fat to the chart, since we all seem to be gaining weight.  Maybe its our 
ages, maybe its the cooking.  If we can mark fat as an allergy, we might cook 
a little lighter.
 David Hungerford

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