Re: sweat equity
From: Pablo Halpern (
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 94 09:42 CDT
> From: dthomass [at] (David Thomasson)
> Rather than measuring sweat equity based on hours worked what about
> measuring it on the basis of work completed. Thus fast workers are not
> penalized and slow workers are not pressured. Different projects and
> their elements could be assigned a value, the more projects, or parts
> of them completed the more sweat equity accrued. Dave.

This works fine for professional contracts, but sounds horrible to me in 
this context. What you are really saying is that desk-workers who have to 
learn all new skills will get less credit for their effort than people who 
already have those skills. People who are not as strong (e.g., older 
people, many women, etc.) will get less done but will put in the same 
effort as a stronger, more skilled person. How about trusting people to put 
in their best effort and just counting hours. Do you really believe that 
there will be wholesale advantage-taking by people such that counting hours 
is not a good indication of effort?

- Pablo

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