Re: sweat equity
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 94 13:01 CDT
I find at work party situations at Sharingwood some of do more of the 
working and some do more of the talkin'.  Since we have no requirements 
for number of hours or such things what happens is that jobs get done 
as well as those doing them feel like it at the time.  We have three 
groups, one which don't do a whole lot, a minority which does most, and 
group  which fluctuates between doing lots and doing little.

This is about to undergo a change as we take on the construction tasks 
of our commonhouse.  I have no idea what we will do, my suspicion is 
that those who are doers will take on most the load.  For awhile.  
Since the doers are also running most of the committees, on the board, 
and involved in other tasks it is going to put an interesting pressure 
on my community that has not existed up to now.

I am looking forward to watching how we deal with this and seeing how 
it works out.  I am enourmously glad to have all your experiences and 
ideas - it will be very helpful when we get to the "this isn't working, 
what do we do now" point.

One of the neat things about living in Cohousing is watching and 
learning how the group evolves and changes to handle new situations and 

Rob Sandelin

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