Re: sweat equity - appology
From: David Thomasson (
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 94 12:46 CDT
> I just re-read my response to David Tomasson's post about counting 
> sweat-equity by work completed instead of by the hour and I believe an 
> appology from me is in order.
> I have done much advocacy work in the disability-rights movement and I 
> sometimes have a hair-trigger response to anything that seems insensitive 
> to people's differing abilities. My response to David, which I composed in 
> about 30 seconds, used a tone that implied that he was being insensitive 
> and pushing a discriminatory policy. In fact, he was simply giving a short, 
> logical suggestion to someone who had a problem. The fact that I think his 
> suggestion is flawed is no reason to jump down his throat.
> My appologies to David and to the List. Please feel free to contact me by 
> private EMAIL if anything I post in the future seems unduly harsh or 
> unkind.
> - Pablo
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Pablo Halpern              (508) 435-5274         phalpern [at]
> New View Neighborhood Development, Acton, MA
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hey, its cool Pablo. No hard feelings. Thanks for the apology, hope
you find a sweat equity mechanism that works well for you and your
group. David Thomasson dthomass [at]

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