sweatless equity
From: Gareth (vanillainfo-gw.com)
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 94 10:53 CDT
Apropos of the discussions of sweat equity...
my father is building a mountain cabin with the help of family and 
friends, and my co-housing group is talking about sweat equity as being a 
major part of our construction when it gets underway.  in both projects i 
have to bow out although i wish i could participate more equally.  i have 
a weak back and generally a weak body, being a fairly small person who 
doesn't get much exercise, plus since early this year i developed 
tendonitis due to typing too much at work, so my wrists are messed up for 
any kind of lifting or twisting.  there is no use pretending that my 
contributions to a construction project, in terms of the actual building, 
can be anywhere near those of more able-bodied and muscular folks.  i 
just want to point out that with sweat equity projects one element to be 
sensitive to, is the need to accommodate the feelings of those who can't 
do the sweaty work.  there is some chance that the enthusiasm and esprit 
de corps of having most people get together to "raise the roof" or 
whatever can sideswipe those left out and leave us feeling guilty and 
   this isn't a criticism but just an awareness thing.


 Gareth Fenley '83
 in the juicy, fuzzy
 Big Peach

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