Re: CoHousing Conf. / Chse-L thread conclusions
From: School of Mathematics, U of MN (
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 94 15:09 CDT
On Fri, 12 Aug 94 11:56 CDT, 
Fred H Olson  WB0YQM  <cohousing-l [at]> wrote:

>One thing cohousing-l lacks is a mechanism for summarizing, bringing closure 
>to or arriving at
>consensus on topics.  Sometimes individuals attempt this with their 
>postings, but often discussions just kind of fade away.  Could
>substantial threads be paired with a facilitator somehow who
>might oversee that discussion and it's life cycle?


a summary would be of great help if we wanted to make the information 
gathered through the list available to others.  Beyond that, I'm not sure 
its worth the time and trouble.  People draw their own conclusion.

Thanks for the thought and looking out for the greater good.

Monika Stumpf, Monterey CoHousing-Mpls, dept [at]

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