Re: Retrofit Cohousing / terminology
From: David G Adams (
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 94 17:00 CDT
Stuart says
> In the first edition, it says:
> Cohousing is a trademark of McCamant & Durrett. All rights reserved.  Cont
> McCamant & Durrett through the publisher for permission to use the term.
> I'm not sure exactly what restrictions on use the trademark status imposes
> It may just be that other commercial concerns cannot use it.  I wouldn't
> have thought it affects us using the word as a piece of the normal 
> language (like kleenex).  But I don't know.

Firstly, I like cohousing, rather than CoHousing or co-housing.  Makes it 
seem like a real word.

Secondly, the folks at The Cohousing Center apparently had no problem using 
the name (before the trademark was released, they called themselves The 
Center for Collaberative Communities).  I definitely give Kate and Chuck 
primary credit, but cohousing has grown bigger than them now. 

Dave Adams
Cornerstone : A (potential) Cohousing Community


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