Re: CoHousing Conf. / Chse-L thread conclusions
From: Pablo Halpern (
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 94 17:31 CDT
> From: "Fred H Olson  WB0YQM" <fholson [at]>
> On Fri, 12 Aug 94 02:13 CDT, 
> Kevin Wolf  <kjwolf [at]> wrote:
> ..
> >Donno Spreitzer and I think that a gathering of representatives of 
> >different co-housing communitys would be a great time to have groups of
> >us tackle some of the more difficult problems we face and see if we can
> >reach a "consensus" on:
> >
> >        The problem
> >        Its causes
> >        Best solutions, preventions etc
> >
> >The results of these "meeting" workshops could be summarized in a page 
> >and published - on line certainly and possible in print.  
> ..
> This sounds good to me. 

Me too.
> One thing discussions on Cohousing-L lacks
> is a mechanism for summarizing, bringing closure to or arriving at
> consensus on topics.  Sometimes individuals attempt this with their 
> postings, but often discussions just kind of fade away.  Could
> substantial threads be paired with a facilitator somehow who
> might oversee that discussion and it's life cycle?
> Fred

I suspect that doing this well would require more sophistication than a 
simple listserver. But it's a great idea! If somehow, threads (and families 
of threads) could be identified and collected by a facilitator with some 
sort of formal method for getting consensus from an identified subgroup of 
the overall list, an on-line conference would be a *real* conference. I can 
imagine such a concept being implemented by an ambitious software engineer 
(not me!).

- Pablo

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