RE: CoHousing Conference
From: mtracy (
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 94 00:43 CDT
Well, I haven't lived in cohousing yet, but based on communities I <have> 
lived in, let me add these to your <difficult problem> list:

gun ownership
private use of the common area
clothing optional hours/facilities
hidden sexual agenda
bad cooks

>Donno Spreitzer and I think that a gathering of representatives of 
>different co-housing communitys would be a great time to have groups of 
>us tackle some of the more difficult problems we face and see if we can 
>reach a "consensus" on:

>- Kids in community meals
>- sweat equity
>- getting members to start a new community
>- how to best do "retrofit" co-housing
>- financing
Martin Tracy          mtracy [at]          Los Angeles, CA

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