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From: Pablo Halpern (
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 94 17:04 CDT
> From: robyn <MANDERSE [at]>
>   While Ron Sandlin's (I hope I got that right I don't have your post in 
>  of me) comments here on trust and community resonate well with me - I st
>  see a need for some sort of tracking system in regards to work (sweat
>  equity) contributions.

[ stuff deleted ]

>        The reason we do it is to maintain our awareness
>  of what we are doing and our individual contributions and those of each 

[ more deletia ]

>             Trust is great, but traking things can be
>                     helpfull for more than just enforcement.

This is an excellent point. There are many cases where people keep track of 
things that have nothing to do with enforcement (or at least not directly). 
Almost any program that people follow to curb their own spending or reduce 
their weight involves keeping careful track of everything one spends or 
eats, respectively. The purpose of doing this is not so that another person 
can chastise you for spending or eating too much, but to give you enough 
awareness to control yourself. Any time you write something down, it forces 
you to put a certain amount of consciousness on it.

Keeping track of work contributions can have a similar effect. It does not 
imply removing trust, but it is a system to build awareness. I think 
Robyn's point about being able to appreciate other people's contributions 
is also valid.

So, combining Robyn's point with Rob's: Keep track BUT keep it simple.

- Pablo

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