re: Cohousing Conference
From: Hune Margulies (
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 94 11:02 CDT
I have some expertise in the subject of affordable housing. My 
dissertation is in the general subject and I am consultant to various not 
for profits and small municipalities in affordable housing development. 
I'd be hapy to be of some help in this matter.

On Mon, 15 Aug 1994 fassnach [at] wrote:

>   There's one subject on the list of possible conference workshops that
> I haven't seen so far, that would really be beneficial to our group:
> How to find affordable cohousing, and how to keep it that way?
>   Most of our current members can afford something in and around
> $100,000, give or take $20,000.  Most of what we've looked at so far
> has had a projected cost in the range of $150,000 - $225,000.  I know
> that there's been some discussion on the net of various ways around
> this, but I'd like to be able to fully explore the various options
> that surely must be out there.
> Steph
> -----------------------------
> Stephanie Fassnacht
> Porchlight Cohousing
> Madison, WI
> fassnach [at]

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