re: Cohousing Conference
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 94 08:06 CDT
Other groups may find it ironic--but one way of making cohousing affordable is
to acquire the land cheaply from a sympathetic person. That's what happened wit
h the Cantine's Island group in Saugerties, New York. It's a quiet, secluded pr
operty with substantial waterfront on Esopus Creek, near the Hudson River, a te
n-minute walk from the center of a thriving, historic upstate New York village.
 The property was sold to us by a benefactor for the creation of a community. S
even and a half partially wooded acres bordered by a deepwater creek, a bluesto
ne ridge, large organic vegetable and flower gardens. We continually rejoice at
 our good fortune. Nevertheless it remains true, as we look for the four househ
olds we need to complete our group, that affordability is an ongoing concern. O
ur architect is working hard with us to keep down the costs of construction.

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