proximity to common house
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 94 19:13 CDT
Many thanks to those who  responded to  our question  about  proximity to
the common house.  However, I think we need to clarify  our question.  What
we really need to know is:   is it OK to be near the common house? (about
50  feet, to be specific).  We know  we don't  want to be  400  feet away; we 
were considering  about 200 feet.  People in our community (Ecovillage  at
Ithaca) seem to  be avoiding  close proximity.  There's a great house 50 
feet from the Common House - would we be idiots to take it?  We're most 
concerned with  issues about noise,   lack of privacy, etc.  

We can't count on getting the house about halfway through the community
(about 200 feet away) because  three families are vying  for it.  We are
very grateful that  we can ask   all of you for advice from your experience.

Thanks again.

Ray & Maria Gasser of Maplewood, NJ - future  residents of Ecovillage at Ithaca
address: RAYGASSER [at]

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