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From: William Johnson (0005638134mcimail.com)
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 94 01:15 CDT
Robyn wrote:
>   Trust is great, but tracking things can be
>         helpful for more than just enforcement.

to which Pablo Halpern added:
> This is an excellent point. 

Thanks, Robyn & Pablo.  
Yes, it's an excellent point -- and stated with much more clarity than I could
muster myself.

This is what I meant by not overrelying on trust in my Aug 10 post.
Not that trust should be avoided, but that it has a better chance of working
with appropriate aids -- aids like the enhanced awareness that tracking lends.
With tracking, participants are trusted to be honest in recording their own
work, but not leaned on to accurately remember and judge the entire work 
history of the group.

William Johnson
5638134 [at] mcimail.com

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