Re: Leave of Absence
From: Dan Ardoin (
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 94 01:00 CDT
Thank you all who responded to my question on Leave of Absence.

Rob Sandelin and Judy Baxter gave good replies that hit right on the 
subject.  Yes seniority means getting to pick where you live before 
someone else in the group with less seniority (at Grell).  Grell is in 
the throws of finalizing the site plan for development.  A heated 
debate occurred over attached garages.  One member thought it was in 
the best interest of the group to step back for a while.  If she 
doesn't pay dues for this time then wants back in what has happened to 
her seniority?  I like the idea that her time stops while she is away 
(Angie McGowan).

For the most part this is really not needed.  The group found out that 
there was almost no conflict in choice of lot location.  But since this 
situation cropped up, they wondered how others might have handled absences.

Again thanks to:

Judy Baxter
Debbie Behrens
Stephanie Fassnacht
Rob Sandelin
Angie McGowan

More response welcome.

Dan Ardoin,
Oceano, CA

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