Re: proximity to common house
From: Nancy E Wight (
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 94 14:28 CDT
> ... What
> we really need to know is:   is it OK to be near the common house? (abou
> 50  feet, to be specific).  We know  we don't  want to be  400  feet away
> were considering  about 200 feet.  People in our community (Ecovillage  a
> Ithaca) seem to  be avoiding  close proximity.  There's a great house 50
> feet from the Common House - would we be idiots to take it?  We're most 
> concerned with  issues about noise,   lack of privacy, etc.  

This is an issue that we took up during the programming of our site.  Some 
people *really* wanted to be as close as possible to the common house, 
while others *really* wanted to be as far away from it as possible.  We 
took this into consideration when designing the site plan, and the common 
house did not end up right in the middle of the community, but near enough 
to those who wanted to be close to it, and far enough away from those who 
wanted some distance. 

- Nancy

Nancy Wight                                   wight [at]
New View Neighborhood Development

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