Re: Controversy over attached garages
From: David G Adams (
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 94 10:14 CDT
Nancy at New View said...
> Dan,
> Is this an issue you would be willing to discuss here on the cohousing 
> list?  Our group has gone through alot regarding the parking/garage issue
> and we would appreciate hearing how other groups are handling this.  We 
> just completed our housing site selection and one family had to drop back
> to the waiting list because there were not enough houses with drive-up 
> parking/garages. 

I should admit that I've never had a garage, I don't really see their 
usefulness, except as workshops and storage for yard tools and toys.  
Workshops and yard tools and toys can be stored at the common house.  I also 
freely admit that I'm on a mission to reduce reliance on and reduce devotion 
to the Almighty Automobile.  It's the top reason why I moved from Acton to 
Arlington, where we have bike paths and public transportation.

That said, this frightens me.  First, I'm concerned about a family who was 
so attached to the idea of an attached garage that they would give up their 
place in the development rather than lack a garage.  I used to live on the 
same road as New View, less than 2 miles away, and yes, the winters can be 
severe.  To my ears, though, it sounds like these people have more love of 
their car than their community.  I don't know the specific situation, and 
I'm probably being horribly unfair.  Unless there are all sorts of other 
hidden agendae, it seems like an odd reason to give up a space in the 
community.  Furthermore, it's sad that people ahead of this family in 
seniority were more interested in having a garage than in keeping this 
family in the community.  

For those who don't have garages, what is the average / longest walk?  Will 
you be contracting for plowing?  Will you be paying the teens to shovel 
common walkways?  

Dave Adams


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