Re: Affordability -- a new leaf <FWD>
From: David G Adams (
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 94 10:15 CDT
Nancy said (via Fred)
> This is just a fact of life, the way things are set up in this country.  I
> we don't like it, we'll have to change the system (what am I saying?  I 
> must be crazy!  There's *no* *way* I'll take on the system after going 
> through building a cohousing community! ;-)
For me, one of the cool things of living in a coho community is that (I 
hope) the group synergy and close knit ties will allow more effective 
activism for those who choose to be activist.  We at Cornerstone have 
discussed fielding town meeting members, making the local school better 
though force of will (rather than running off to the Waldorf School), and 
generally being an environmental / social justice voice in our town.  For 
those living in existing communities, is this just wishful thinking, or has 
anyone had success with this sort of group activity?  

I feel like I'm putting off social action responsibilities by concentrating 
on cohousing, but I think the cohousing experience has the potential to pay 
off dividends socially in the future.  It's sort of a platform on which to 
build a more meaningful, involved life.  I fully understand the desire to 
settle in at home once the huge undertaking of building your community is 
done.  Reap the rewards.  But don't entirely give up on changing the system. 
I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said "Subvert the Dominant Paradigm". 
To a certain extent, that's what all this is about.  I'm not suggesting that 
Nancy (or any one person) could have a significant impact on the banking 
system.  I'm thinking that coho groups could have a mostly local impact.  
But, when you take the people on  this cohousing list, add in their 
comrades, their local cohousing networks, etc, we as a loose associate could 
trigger thousands of letters written to key congresspeople, and over a 
period of time, we might get the system to recognize and validate our model. 
 This could especially have a major positive impact on the lives of people 
in public housing, as the model becomes recognized as a better alternative.

So, am I just dreaming again, or could this list be used for political 
purposes?  I of course mean political purposes that are closely related to 
the subject of cohousing.  Do people want to use it for such purposes?  



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