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Date: Sun, 21 Aug 94 00:34 CDT
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> From: Dan Ardoin <71045.2023 [at]>
>  I like the idea that her time stops while she is away 
> (Angie McGowan).

I would add that letting the clock run while someone does not participate 
and pay dues would be unfair. Our development has become a serious 
speculative investment, with tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of 
hours at risk. Anybody not paying their fair share is increasing the risk 
for everybody else (this goes for people behind in their payments, as 
well). If someone has a lot of seniority, then stopping the clock will 
allow other people to slowly catch up without unfairly penalizing the 
person on leave.

> For the most part this is really not needed.  The group found out that 
> there was almost no conflict in choice of lot location.  But since this 
> situation cropped up, they wondered how others might have handled absence

Consider yourselves lucky.

- Pablo

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New View Neighborhood Development, Acton, MA

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