Re: Controversy over attached garages
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Date: Sun, 21 Aug 94 21:23 CDT
Dan Ardoin wrote about his group's struggle with the issue of allowing
attached garages and briefly mentioned the issue of re-sale.

As a Realtor actively involved in trying to sell a cohousing home at Nyland
Community in Colorado, I have been surprised what a big issue this is for
potential buyers. A small number of the Nyland homes do have attached
garages, but the unit I have been enlisted to help sell does not. For some
people that is all they need to know--not interested. Many fellow Realtors,
when I ask them for input on why the Nyland home has not sold, quickly
mention the lack of a garage and the long walk from the parking lot. (Which,
honestly, I don't think is all that long and is undoubtedly good exercise,
which most of us can use any chance we get.)

We could guess that those people who would reject this home simply for lack
of a garage might not be right for the cohousing experience and this is just
one symptom, but a couple of potential buyers were *very* interested and
knowledgeable about Nyland and cohousing, but just felt it was too long a
walk from the car, through the snow, with bags of groceries and little kids,

Of course many people involved in building a cohousing community probably
figure they do not have any intention of ever leaving, but the realities of
life can change the most steadfast intentions. Resaleability is something
almost every home-owner and purchaser considers to some extent. The Nyland
home I have had listed for two months probably would be sold by now if it had
an attached garage. I don't think everyone feels they need a garage, but most
people expect to be able to park quite close to their home.

Just some interesting data from real-life experience.

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Perry & Butler Realty, Inc.
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