House Pricing in House Selection Process
From: Hungerford, David (
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 94 11:34 CDT
Maria and Ray Gasser from Ithaca wrote:

>Each model has 
>been assigned a range of prices by our architects based on 
>"desirability".  Desirability was based on how many households selected
>a specific house site.  
If you vary the prices on the same model of house based on location (rather 
than private amenities such as carpet/cabinet upgrades etc.) you are, in 
essence, awarding the "more desirable" sites to those who make (or have)
more money.  While this way of doing things is part of our culture,  as is 
paying the people who broker our mortgages more than the people who care for 
a teach our children, I still find it deeply troubling.  Do you really want 
to move into a community that has a pre-defined pecking order based on 

David Hungerford
Muir Commons  dghungerford [at]

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