RE: House Pricing in House Selection Process
From: David G Adams (
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 94 23:07 CDT
Maria & Ray Gasser said...

> Some members of the group oppose any use of price differentials.  Others
> think that especially where a house site is in great demand, the
> price differential should be greater than it is at present.
> Did any other communities vary prices of otherwise identical houses?
We at Cornerstone are planning to buy existing duplexes and to make a 
limited number of standard expansions to many of the units (3rd floor 
dormers, 1 story or 2 story side or back expansions).  In addition to the 
expansions, there are slight differences among the basic homes.  There are 3 
basic models, some have better basements, some face a busy road vs a quiet 
cul-de-sac, etc.  We are in the process of reaching concensus on the policy 
that we will let the Cohousing Center work with real estate agents to 
determine a fair price for each unit individually.  We don't want to fight 
among ourselves over determining the value of these kinds of factors.  Our 
early spreadsheets have a fixed value for all units, but that needs to 
change as we learn more.  

I'm glad that someone in our group caught this potential problem relatively 
early in the process.  I hope we can agree a priori to abide by the 
architects' / consultants' decisions.

Dave Adams


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