Re: bylaws/lenders/consensus/cost allocation
From: Pablo Halpern (
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 94 11:35 CDT
>  Now one of our members has been 
> by a friend at New View (Francie or Franny or some such name?) that NV ha
> consensus in their bylaws and no problems with lenders.  Any info?  ideas
> others?

It was probably Franny.
New View currently has consensus in our bylaws, but we haven't made the 
transistion yet from a development organization to a condominium. Our legal 
committee is currently drafting condo docs and I believe that consensus is 
not part of them. Instead, things like consensus will be part of the "house 
rules." I'm not sure what the final outcome will be. I'd like to see 
consensus right in the official documents, FNMA may prevent that.

> 2.Allocation of shared operating costs/reserve funds.  Seems like that go
> the bylaws too - and our lawyer is saying we should stay away from anythi
> complex, anything but per unit or per square feet.

Again, I don't know what we will evenatually end up with. I think the 
guiding rule is to leave the formative documents as vague as possible, 
spelling out the documents in more flexible "rules and regulations."

- Pablo

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