RE: Bylaws details
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 94 10:59 CDT
I got several requests for this so I am sending it to everyone. Here 
are the headings in our FNMA approved Condo bylaws.  If you want the 
whole document I can mail it to you for $5.

Article I  Name and location
Section 1 name
Section 2 Mailing Address

Article II Definitions
Articles, assessments, association, board, bylaws, condominium act, 
declaration, director, member, membership share, membership share 
certificate, properties are all explicitly defined.

Article III Purposes
Section 1 purpose
Section 2 Non-profit
Section 3 Modifying Purpose

Article IV  Meetings of the Members
Section 1 Annual meeting
Section 2 Special meetings
Section 3 Notice of meetings
Section 4 Quorum
Section 5 Proxies
Section 6 Majority Vote
Section 7 order of business
Section 8 Adjourned meetings

Article V Board of Directors
Section 1 In general (number of board members)
Section 2 Election and term of office
Section 3 Vacancies
Section 4 Organizational Meeting
Section 5 Regular meeting
Section 6 Special meetings
Section 7 Waiver of notice
Section 8 Designation
Section 9 Election of officers
Section 10 Removal of officers
Section 11 President
Section 12 Secretary
Section 13 Treasurer
Section 14 Surety Bond
Section 15 Salary
Section 16 Quorum
Section 17 Duties of the board

Article VI  Execution of Instruments
Section 1 Payments
Section 2 Executing Officers

Article VII  Limitation on Authority of Directors and Officers
Section 1 Conveyance authority
Section 2 Purchase authority

Article VIII  Committees
Section 1 Nominating Committee
Section 2 Other committees

Article IX  Books and Records
Article X  Budget and Accounts
Section 1 budget
Section 2 Accounts
Section 3 Depository

Article XI  Assessments
Section 1 In general
Section 2 Purpose
Section 3 Annual Assessment
Section 4 Uniform rate
Section 5 Assessment Approval

Article XII  Membership
Section 1 General
Section 2 Requirements
Section 3 Certificate
Section 4 Transfer of membership shares
Section 5 Lost, stolen or Mutilated certificates

Article XIII  Indemnification
Section 1 no personal liability
Section 2 Indemnification of board members

Article XIV  Miscellaneous
Section 1 Seal
Section 2 Amendments
Section 3 partial Invalidity
Section 4 Waiver
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