Re: cohousing-L = Problem solving
From: BPaiss (
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 94 11:11 CDT
The Denver Post article was like any other piece written by a person who
spent a very limited time at a cohousing community and spoke to the people
available.  The preconceptions of the reporter combined with guidance from
his/her editor along with the specific issues occuring in the community
results in a story that is unavoidably biased.  My biggest complaint about
the Denver Post article was the emphasis on required tasks and
responsibilities.  Regarding disclaimers, when I speak to people about this
idea I am intentionally vague as to what life is like because not only does
it change from day to day but my relationship to it is alway in flux.  If
people think this concept is the solution to all or even many of their
problems, they are kidding themselves.  CoHousing is a wonderful idea and I
can't imagine living anywhere else...and it is a lot of work.   

Judy if you read this, I received a requiest from David Dobkin in Berkeley to
send a rep from MOCoCo to the conference to be on a panel on redeveloped
sites for CoHo.  Interested?


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