Re:Cost of incorportation
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 94 10:03 CDT
David G Adams  wrote:

> Incorporating is a somewhat expensive
>process, and requires overhead of filing government forms, etc.

In Washington State , incorporation costs $30 and takes a two page 
form. I filled out the incorporation paperwork for the Northwest 
Intentional Communities Association. Took 20 minutes.  All you need in 
Washington is to file two copies of Articles of Incorporation, which 
you can get boiler plate text from just about anyone who has ever 
incorported.  Getting a Fed tax ID number took a five minute phone 
call.  In the western states which I am familiar with incorportation is 
pretty much the same. I am surprised the Eastern States make it harder.

Rob Sandelin

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