Final unit costs?
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 10:53 CDT
Awhile back you sent me a sheet of the projected unit costs of Puget 
Ridge. Did those numbers become the actual costs or did a final cost 
sheet ever get prepared? I am involved in some nation wide cohousing 
cost analysis for the upcoming national cohousing conference and I am 
figuring average costs of the developments in our area.  (It's not 
cheap to live in cohousing). I will using the numbers you sent me 
unless I can get updated ones.  They will be averaged across three 
existing developments (Winslow, Sharingwood and Puget Ridge) so the 
numbers will be somewhat diluted. If you have final numbers and could 
send them to me by the Middle of September it would make the totals 
more accurate.


P.S. How are you enjoying cohousing life as a resident?
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