RE: WHY CAN'T I POST? What's IGC's cohousing.list ?
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 94 11:10 CDT
The Institute for Global Communications is subscription based
network that provides Internet access and hosts numerous
discussions "bulletin board style" for its subscribers mostly on
politically progressive topics.  By "bulletin board style" , I mean 
that the messages on a certain topic a saved in a certain area where 
any subscriber can access, browse, read etc them.  This is in contrast 
to the messages coming to them as a part of their email.

One of the conferences contains just messages from Cohousing-L.  This is
done by having a special Cohousing-L subscription that is routed
to the conference.  This could be called a "gateway" .

IGC members who wish to post to Cohousing-L need to 
subscribe like everyone else but usually they set themselves to
the listserv's "postpone" mode so they do not receive messages by mail.

There may still be some glitches with posting from IGC which I'll
try to iron out.


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