Re: COHOUSING-L digest 286
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 94 18:48 CDT
Hello!  My name is Shelly Fox, and I am a college student in Michigan.
I originally subscribed to the cohousing bulletin board because I might
be interested in living in such a community at some point in the future.
I hope this isn't a breach of 'netiquette' - and that you will all be
patient with me if it is - but I wonder if people might be willing to
write in and describe a bit about how they made they original decision
to try cohousing, how groups are formed, (that should have read 'the
original decision' above), what they feel future prospects for this
sort of community arrangement might be, positives and negatives, etc.
I realize this is rather more general than the heating discussions of
recent conversation, and my e-mail address is 'sfox [at]' if
it would be more appropriate for readers to write my mailbox rather than
the bulletin board.  Thanks for your time!  Shelly

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