Re: assoc. members, member process, etc
From: Ian Higginbottom (
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 17:18 CST
Judy Baxter wrote
>** WE are wondering ** how other groups handle something like associate
>membership and speeding up the transition to full membership. It seems to take
>a long time, with us.  ????
Cascade Cohousing had a very similar (but less formalised) process to that
described by Judy for introducing new people and the transition to full

Our experience suggests that you cannot speed this process up very much.  We
found that some people would be really enthusiastic and involved when in the
first flush of excitment over joining, in some cases offering to pay up
their full share almost immediately.  In a number of cases these people
subsequently dropped out after deciding that some aspect of what we were
doing really wasn't quite for them.  BUT realising this required time to
really get to know the project (and the people). I suspect about two months
of involvement is a minimum for people to really know whether they want to
join a cohouse.

On a related topic,Cascade Cohousing recently sold the last of our 14
shares!  What a relief it is not to have sell cohousing anymore.

Ian Higginbottom
Cascade Cohousing
Hig [at]

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