Re: Cohousing in Australia?
From: Ian Higginbottom (
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 94 17:35 CST
>Karen writes

>>From all of my resources, I understand that the Movement is large and
growing in the United States, however ironically, I have little knowledge
about Cohousing in Australia and the existing support groups if any. If
there are any residents of Cohousing in Australia or if anyone knows any
contacts, I'd love to talk to them. I would like to ask what exists here in
the true sense of Cohousing, how the residents/potential residents found out
about it, and if they feel there is a growing Cohousing Movement here, in
Yes Cascade Cohousing is a half constructed but fully funtioning cohousing
group in Tasmania.  I have a number of contacts of other groups or
interested people in Queensland, Sydney, Canberra, Perth Adelaide and Hobart
(a second group).  I have emailed you directly with some info.  

There seems to me to be a strong interest in cohousing here but it is not
organised on a national basis, many groups are still going it alone.  

Ian Higginbottom
Cascade Cohousing

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