On Sunday (11/13): National Public Radio cohousing story
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (fholsonmaroon.tc.umn.edu)
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 94 09:07 CST
Just a reminder of the upcoming story with a couple of minor corrections.
Based on the general quality of NPR reporting I hope this will be a useful 
piece.  Consider recording it for later promotional use.

 Daniel Zwerdling of NPR's Weekend All Things Considered is producing a  
10-20 minute piece on Cohousing which will most likely air Sunday, November 
13th. Check the program listing of your local public radio station to see 
if they carry this program.  (For example, here in Minnesota (Twin 
Cities) it can be heard on KNOW 91.1 FM at 4 PM on Sun ) (Note that
I have not heard anything more firm than "most likely air Sunday" 
but I have not heard otherwise either.  Fred)

Zwerdling and his 2 person crew joined the Sharingwood Cohousing 
Commmunity for dinner and the monthly board meeting on Nov 1st. He asked 
extensive questions of many members of the commmunity. Zwerdling will 
also be visiting Puget Ridge Cohousing in West Seattle.
We look forward to his story.

Most of this information comes from post by Joe Losi (LOSIJA [at] PLU.EDU)
to Cohousing-L on Nov 2nd. 


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  National Public Radio in depth report on Cohousing to air on:
Sunday Nov 13th on All Things Considered  (about 4 pm most places)
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