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Date: Tue, 15 Nov 94 07:43 CST
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  catalyst [at] (John M. Gear)  writes:

> I wish I could agree, but the evidence before me suggests that
> architects who ignore that premise don't suffer in the slightest 'round
> here.  They bloom and grow and get more subdivisions.  Heavy sigh.
> On the bright side, if you want to read a *terrific* book, try
> "The Geography of Nowhere" by James Howard Kunstler.

Let's agree to disagree on the architect issue.  Sure there are examples of
those who represent the side you reference, but my point is that the group
search out those who "can" and "will" take the time to understand what is
needed by the group.  These architects to exist and that is the point I wish
to make.

There is not one client I've had who would characterise my performance in
the way feel most architects operate and I'm not unique.  You need to
discuss your feelings with someone who provides more than lip service to
get the job.  Get references from previous clients and visit an example of
the architect's work if possible.  Sometimes it's an advantage to obtain
someone who's new to the type of project who will probably value your input
more. I feel it's a matter of educating the architect to your special needs.

BTW, I will look up the book you suggest.  I'm still learning and look
forward to continued insight from the group.

The American Institute of Architect's will be holding a conference in Denver
titled "Housing and the Search for Community: Identifying Alternatives,"
which will cover Cohousing.  It will be held November 17-20. I'm not sure of
the location, but interested parties can contact the AIA @ (202) 626-7482
for information.
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