Re: Heating issues (tech info on Energy Crafted Home spec)
From: Nancy E Wight (
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 94 20:44 CST
Jeffrey Hobson asked:
> If you are having an office with computer equipment, is it new or existin
> equipment?  If any of it will be new, I highly recommend that you find
> "Energy Star" computers, monitors, and printers - they turn themselves of
> or go into a very low-power state, if you don't use them for a
> user-specified period.  

Yes, we have those Energy-Star monitors, but not the computer itself.  I've 
never seen one of those.

> How much insulation (rated R-value)?
> How is the envelope improved?
> What are the window specs (double-pane, low-E, u-value, etc.)?
> Is your architect familiar with passive solar design? 

Here are the Energy Crafted Home specs. I'd be interested in seeing how 
they measure up to other energy saving schemes:

Insulation values: 
        Attic - R-38
        Frame Walls: R-24
        Foundation Wall: R-18
        Sub-Slab Floor: R-5
        Slab Perimeter: R-10
        Windows: R-3.1, with low-e coatings
        Doors: R-4.4
Air Tightness: .3 sq. in. per 1-- sq. ft. of shell area
Ventilation: Heat Recovery Ventilator

Yes, our architects are familiar with passive solar design and are using it 
where possible and economical (currently have plans to use passive solar in 
the common house, but the budget axes are swinging! :-( ). 

- Nancy

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