Re: New CoHousing In Santa Rosa, Ca
From: Dave Madorsky (
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 94 21:09 CST
Evan A.C. Hunt writes:
> > My wife and I are interested, based on your description of the 
> > site, but we live in Santa Cruz and this is just too short notice 
> > for us to be able to attend the planning meeting. Any possiblity 
> > of your sending the results of the meeting, in some abbreviated 
> > form to us?   
> Hi,
> My wife and I are also from Santa Cruz, but we're going to be
> in the neighborhood of Santa Rosa tomorrow night and we'll be
> going to the workshop.  If you'd like we can get together
> sometime next week and I'll give you copies of any material
> they hand out, or whatever.
>                                       eh

Thanks much for the offer. Might have to be in a couple of weeks 
though...I'll be on the road Monday & Tuesday, then of course 
prep for Thanksgiving and all. Send me another message if you 
would after the weekend and we'll figure out a time and place.

BTW, a friend of mine with the building dept said that there 
are three cohousing groups getting started here in SC, and that 
he'd get me some names. I'll pass them on if you're interested, 
and/or let you know what I find out myself...

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