Re: Meeting game idea
From: Dave Madorsky (
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 94 06:50 CST
Stuart Staniford-Chen writes:
> This worked well in one of our meetings tonight as a mood-clearing device 
> between agenda items.  It took about 5 minutes with 8 - 10 people but 
> might take a little longer with more people.
> Stand in a circle about 2 arms lengths in diameter or a little less.  
> Everybody close their eyes and count silently to ten for themselves.  
> Each person then begin to raise their right hand.  Find a free hand of 
> somebody else and clasp it.  Don't clasp one which is already clasped.  
> Once your hand is clasped, start to raise your left hand and repeat the 
> procedure.  When, and only when, both hands are clasped, you can open 
> your eyes. 
> Once everybody is holding two other hands and has their eyes open, the 
> group tries to untangle itself as much as possible without unclasping any 
> hands - everybody might be in one big circle, two circles, or whatever.  
> It's pretty quick and good fun.
I remember doing this as a kid (well, when I was a teenager, anyways) with
bunch of classmates when we were looking for non-competitive games. We had
a HECKUVA blast, with about 25 or 30 people...getting hooked up to begin 
with was funny, but trying to untangle makes for some hysterical positions
and LOTS of cooperative action.

And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I DID mean to post this to the 
entire group (this time, anyhow)! <:-)

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