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Date: Wed, 16 Nov 94 07:40 CST
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>      On the bright side, if you want to read a *terrific* book, try "The
> Geography of Nowhere" by James Howard Kunstler.  It may not tell people on

  Thanks for putting in a plug for this. I put in a plug for it on Aug. 4, but
we need to put in new plugs periodically to tell the newcomers to Cohousing-L
and remind those who intended to look for the book but didn't get around to it.
  I didn't hear about this book from the cohousing people, and I knew a lot
about cohousing when I read it, but he describes beautifully why we need co-
housing without ever mentioning cohousing directly.
  And if (due to location etc.) you can't do anything to promote cohousing, 
the book suggests a lot of other things you can do, such as opposing zoning
schemes (quite popular in New England, unfortunately) that call for spreading
single-family houses on 1-acre or larger lots over most of the land area of a 

Bob Morrison

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