Phone contact list now available
From: Stuart Staniford-Chen (
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 94 21:39 CST

I just got the Cohousing Magazine/Journal/Network's list of North 
American contacts on line.  It has phone numbers for many groups 
and communities around the continent.  This should be a good place to 
direct those "I'm going to Lincoln, Nebraska and was wondering if 
there are any communities to visit there?" kind of questions which 
everyone needs to ask once in a while.

A huge thank-you to Bill Paiss, Don Lindemann, et al for allowing me to 
do this.

Those of you with Web browsers will easily find the list from the main 
cohousing page at

If you want it by email, send a message with 

Subject: get contacts

to coho-request [at]

and the automated system there will send it to you.  (You can get help 
with the system by sending a message with Subject: help to that same 
address).  If you have any difficulties, problems, comments, etc, feel 
very free to direct them to me at the email address below.

N St Cohousing
stanifor [at]

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