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From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 94 17:23 CST
On Thu, 17 Nov 94 13:03 CST, 
Deborah Behrens  <debbeh [at] Auto-trol.COM> wrote:

>i don't know what was left out, but I enjoyed what was included - they 
>probably had to cut much of the stuff they would like to have kept if 
>they'd had more than 10 minutes of air time.  

I clocked it at 15 minutes but still not the same as hanging out for a 
couple hours or days...

>NPR often has periodic contributors from around the country.  maybe they 
>would be interested in someone in a cohousing group doing, say, monthly 
>commentaries about cohousing living?  do we have anyone with the skills 
>to offer something like this to NPR ??

Neat idea!  I had some email correspondence with Sara Sarasohn the
producer of the piece.  I'd like to send her some comments.
Debbie (or anyone) want to out develop this idea?  

Btw here are my early reactions to the NPR piece as sent to Judy Baxter
a few days ago:

>I had two different expectations and it met one.  It gave a fair
>feel for what it's like to live in cohousing tho I wonder about the 
>emphasis in it and elsewhere in the one big family description.
>(I'm not sure that is required or even desireable as it would seem to 
>limit diversity on a variety of levels.)
>I was hoping for some analytical comments - who, the problems and prospects
>and an interantional dimension.  Oh well.

Which reminds me, in some other recent correspondence the thought arose of
how great it would be to have some Danish cohousers on this list.
Anyone with thoughts on how we could recruit some Danes? 


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