RE: Cost Apportionment of Infrastructure
From: Ian Higginbottom (
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 94 23:47 CST
Rob Sandelin wrote
> At Sharingwood we chose an egalitarian decision structure and an 
>egalitarian funding structure. One home, one vote, one equal share of 
>all the costs.
At Cascade cohousing we also sought an egalitarian funding and decission
making structure (along with other goals) We have a fairly even mix of one
person households and two or more person households. Our one person
households tend not to see a per home share of costs as egalitarian and our
two person households do not see a one vote per home system as egalitarian.

I guess the relevant questions are what is the economic unit, the household
or the person? and what is the decsion making unit the household or the person?

The answers are likely to vary from group to group and even between
households within one group.  So what is egalitarian is not absolute.
Different groups trying to be egalitarian are likely to come up with
different solutions.

Ian Higginbottom
Cascade Cohousing

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