'Worriers' and 'Optimists' (formerly: Re: Building "community")
From: Jim Snyder-Grant (Jim_Snyder-Grant.LOTUScrd.lotus.com)
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 94 11:23 CST
Two roles in New View are worrier & optimist, who I will nickname 'Nancy' and 
'Steve', for the purposes of discussion.  Both types of people are very active 
on committees, speak up at meetings, etc. A 'Steve' type of thing to say would 
be "There's no real problems in the process now: we will all be moved in by 
October". A 'Nancy' sort of thing to say would be "We don't have all the 
permits we need yet: they say it should be routine, but if it takes more than 
two weeks, it will cause delays in the construction. 'Steves' comments, if they 
are believed, are very reassuring & help the group carry on. 'Nancys' comments, 
if the isssues are taken seriously, stir the group to focus on what details & 
issues need to get taken care of.  

-Jim Snyder-Grant
Jim_Snyder-Grant [at] lotus.crd.com
New View Cohousing
Acton MA 
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