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From: Eric Fronberg (
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 94 00:20 CST
I'm new to the alias though I've have been involved with Peninsula Housing
Partners for a bit over a year now.  We're a group working on developing a
CoHousing site in the San Francisco Bay Area just down the peninsula.   

We've got a couple of events planned.  Katie (McCamant) will be giving a
slide show and helping get out the word about our group.   

Here's an ASCII copy of the flyer.  You'll notice that it's geared toward
folks uneducated in cohousing so forgive it's simplicity.  

-- eric
                ***CoHousing Community in Mountain View***

Imagine a home in Mountain View...

- Where you know all your neighbors
- Where families, singles and seniors live next to each other
- With shared facilities such as child care, dining, workshops and safe
  outdoor play areas
- With an environmentally sensitive design, emphasizing pedestrian access and
  maintaining open space

All in a community you helped to design!

CoHousing communities are a new type of housing that clusters
individually-owned dwellings around a "common house" with shared
facilities.  As a resident, you participate in the design of the
community, and then take responsibility for ongoing management.  First
pioneered in Denmark where over 125 communities have been built, these
projects are redefining the traditional neighborhood concept to
respond to the practical and social needs of our lives.

To learn more about a CoHousing project planned for Mountain View:

                        Slide Presentation
                        Thursday, Dec 1, 1994 or Wednesday, Dec 7th
                        7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
                        Trinity United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall
                        748 Mercy Street (1 block south of Castro St.)
                        Mountain View
                        *Enter parking lot from Hope Street

Kathryn McCamant, co-author of the book "CoHousing: A Contemporary Approach to
Housing Ourselves," will present slides and discuss the design process for the
Mountain View project.  

For more information feel free to email me or call (415) 858-2501
(Even if you can't attend the slide show but are interested in finding
out more)

-- eric

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