Has anyone attended an F.C.E. "Building Community" workshop?
From: Bob Morrison (morrisontook.enet.dec.com)
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 94 13:46 CST
  Have any members of this list attended a weekend "Building Community"
workshop sponsored by the Foundation for Community Encouragement (F.C.E.)
(M. Scott Peck's organization)? If so, please tell me what you thought about
  These workshops are held throughout the U.S. They are quite expensive
(about $300, including lunches but not dinners or lodging). I just got a
flyer for one to be held in a Boston suburb in January, and I'm considering
  By the way, the F.C.E. is not focused on "building" in the sense of design
and construction. They are focused on creating a sense of community in groups. 
However, F.C.E. addresses many of the same issues that cohousing does.

Bob Morrison

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